Kiddie Locks
Kiddie Locks
  • Here at Get Your Locks Off Barber Shop we have the only designated kids hair cutting facility in the Clonmel and surrounding area.
  • When we are fully staffed, small kids get to skip the queue.
  • Our highly-trained staff have a combined experience of over 60 years in barbering working with kids.
  • We all have young kids and toddlers so we know every tip and trick to put your little one at ease and get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • We offer a certificate for your baby’s first haircut complete with a precious lock of your little boys hair.
  • We offer lollipops and, for more health concerned parents, we have a colourful “good job” stamp for your child’s hand.
  • We are experienced and always very safety concious working with boys who are very active and love to move and jump about.
  • We offer a walk-in service with no need to book in advance. Just arrive anytime that suits you.
  • We provide tablets with the latest games and nursery rhyme apps on them, DVDs, toys, books, a colourful decorated room with stickers and 4 Nintendo DS consoles.
  • Our wonderful staff go above and beyond what they are paid to do to entertain, sing/chat and distract your child while they get their hair cut in a state of the art race car chair and make them feel at ease.
  • We also cater for and have vast experience in serving kids with autism. No child will ever be turned away! We always get the job done.

If you need any more convincing… Please read our Facebook page reviews below from our many happy customers who continue to support our business!

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